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Software Technology Solutions

At Kingsway Business Systems Ltd., we understand that the efficiency of a business operations, and hence its profitability and survival now and in future, will not only depend on its selection of hardware to use but also on the software to be used in managing its computer resources. That’s why we are at the forefront in advising our customers present and potential on how to choose and use their software products

Management Systems

Management Systems are systematic frameworks designed to manage an organization’s policies, procedures and processes and promote continual improvement within.

Our clients choose us:

  • For our unique client management structure
  • For our expertise
  • For our integrity
  • Because we are performance minded
  • For our expert assessors

Business Continuity Management

We help organisations implement and manage an effective business continuity plan (BCP) enabling seamless recovery from a disaster. A couple of the ways we do this is by;

  • Providing an integrated and flexible framework for embedding BCP in the risk management model
  • Aligning BCP and BCM processes with industry standards

Monitoring,Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEALs)

M&E and MEAL are often used interchangeably depending on contexts and programme needs. But no matter the terminology it is the backbone of any development intervention. It ensures high quality implementation, provides timely information for informed management decisions, and measures contributions to outcomes and impacts.  Therefore most companies, development agencies, have began the practice of monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning (MEAL) or M&E.